100S Cup 13 May 2018

Only 5 pilots available for this event, as Paul Freeman had decided a weekend in the sun was more important 😉 and Richard didn’t feel fit enough to fly. Excellent conditions of light wind (5 – 10 mph), clear skies and sun gave us some very close flying and a great days competition.  The winches were set up slightly off wind (for length) but this didn’t create any problems. CD for the day, Keith Wilson, went for 4 rounds, 1 discard to be followed by a 2 man fly off for the trophy. After 4 rounds the scores were as follows:

This meant the fly off was between Keith and Tommy. Conditions had changed slightly and there was a cooler wind coming through. Scores were significantly down and in the final result Keith won, basically as a result of two large low level turns on his approach giving him a very marginal win.