2018 AGM

The 2018 was held in McConnells Bar, Doagh on Tues 4 Dec 2018. 10 Members attended and we had apologies from 4.

The officers reports were read and included the usual comments on events lost to weather, lack of numbers etc. The Treasurer reported that we had again made a small surplus this year and that despite the BMFA increasing their fee by £4, he saw no good reason to increase NIMSA fee and in fact he believed the fee should reduce to keep the total at £60 (making NIMSA fee £22). Paul Freeman (Club Safety Officer) reported no incidents in 2018. The 2019 calendar was discussed. A decision was taken to only fly trophy competitions next year and in the intervening weeks just sport fly. This is being done to try and encourage new flyers in a non competitive environment and hopefuly encourage some of our existing members out more.

Prizes for the year were presented. Most of the “event” trophies had been presented on the day of the events, so it was only the overalls:


Keith Wilson took Overall (Top left); Open league (top right) & Electric league (bottom). All trophies were presented by Chairman: Bill Scott

The other winners in 2018 were:

100S Cup : Keith Wilson

Area Open Thermal: Andrew Wallace

Area E-Soaring (Reggie Boyd Trophy): Andrew Wallace

In AOB we discussed the possibility of introducing 2MRES flying as a way to encourage new flyers and other flyers back to the field. This was well received and it looks like it will go ahead in 2019, (club members will receive an update shortly).

All in all a good AGM with no contentious issues (helps when you reduce/maintain the fees!)