Aerotow March 2019

NIMSA & the NIAA held an aerotow event at Causeway Airfield on 25 April 2019, hosted by The Buzzards MFC who fly there.

Our tug pilots for the day were Andrew Wallace with a Wot4 Xtreme, Ricky Wallace with a Wot4 XL and Paul Freeman with a Grand Tundra (electric).

During the warm up period for the ic tugs, it became obvious there was an issue with Ricky’s XL, the engine mounting bolts had loosened, this was an issue that couldn’t be rectified at the field and he had to withdraw. Andrew then became the main tug pilot and did a stirling job all day. There was a shrt period of downtime when a small hole in the fuel line allowed an air draw. Quickly fixed by replacing the fuel line. There were several “maidens” during the day. Loudon and Joe (East Antrim) maidened Leprechauns, Loudon also maidened a “Curvy”?. Sam & Joe (NIMSA & East Antrim) maidened Phoenix Ka8’s and Paul (NIMSA) maidened his Minimoa. Andrew Wallace, (NIMSA) flew a large Capstan which had last flown about 20 years ago, (his brother Clifford flew the tug to let Andrew fly the glider). It looked phenomenal in the air, very realistic. John Pearson brought along his 5m Foka 4 which he willbe taking to France to fly in May , for a few shakedown flights and got good airtime. A great days flying and the Buzzards also looked after us on the food front to 🙂