Area Electric Soaring Championships 2018

This event was rescheduled from the original date of 12 Aug and even this date looked in doubt, as in the run up the wind speeds were looking high. At 8am on the morning of the event CD Paul Freeman and Club Chairman Bill Scott decided to at least make an attempt at running the competition.

6 pilots turned up to fly, including new flyer Brian O’Neil with a Bird of Time. The wind was gusting 10 – 18 mph from the NNW, an overcast sky and showers forecats. Brian decided the wind was too much for his model & ability. Chairman Bill Scott had been working on getting his Inside F5j ready but burnt a servo out the night before, subsequently his Radian Pro decide to play up at the field and after attempting to get the model sorted he decided to withdraw. This left: Andrew Wallace (Supra), Keith Wilson (Xplorer), Paul Freeman (Q12) and Tommy Magee (Silent Dream). Competition was 4 rounds allowing one discard, to be followed by the top 2 flyers taking part in a 2 round fly off.

In Rounds 1 & 2 Andrew found good lift and the others missed out, this was the same in Rounds 3 & 4 but this time Keith found the best lift. Pauls smaller Q12 was getting blown around quite badly in the gusty conditions  and Tommy’s Silent Dream, being heavier, was missing out on the lift. At the end of the 4 rds (best 3 to count) the scores were:

Andrew and Keith moved on to the fly off. In Rd 1 Keiths model didn’t climb well ( problem battery?) and Andrew got away to score significantly better. Rd 2 was closer with Keith edging out Andrew, but not by a big enough margin to make up the deficit. The scores from the fly off were:

This gave Andrew the Reggie Boyd trophy for 2018

Andrew (left) receiving the Reggie Boyd Trophy from Chairman Bill Scott