Area Open Thermal Championships 2018 (22/08/18)

The competition was delayed by a week because of poor weather. Only four people attended which must be a new low but those who were not there missed out on a great day’s soaring. The wind was a little gusty and there was plenty of cloud and lift in equal measure.  Andrew brought his Real Balls winch along so we had three winches to choose from.  Andrew flew his Cluster, Keith his Xplorer3/ Pike, Tommy his Eliminator 134 while I was trying out my new Circle Dancer 3600. The models launched into a turbulent sky with those launching high enough able to contact wave lift and climb away for a max. Landing in the turbulence was an adventure all by itself.

After 5 rounds (1 discard):

Keith and Andrew qualified for the two round flyoff. Keith suffered multiple line breaks while launching requiring him to change winches mid round while Andrew climbed away to victory. Well done Andrew!

Fly Off Result:


      Pauls NEW Circle Dancer 3600


       The Pits


   The Fly Off Pairing


    Paul Freeman presenting Area Trophy to Andrew Wallace

      THE WINNER!!