Area Open Thermal Championships 2019 – 4/8/19

Finally we managed to get a competition run in 2019!! For a variety of reasons, but mainly due to weather we’ve been unable to fly any competitions. Weather has been great during the week and miserable at the weekend. This weekend looked like it was following the same pattern, but early Saturday a weather window looked like it was opening and the CD and Chairman decided to at least attempt to fly.

Sunday morning dawned overcast and damp, but not raining and not windy. 7 pilots turned out, with a guest appearance by Nigel Taylor of Wales. Winches were quickly set up and briefing done and we were ready to go by 10.20’ish, under a clearing sky. We flew 4 rounds of 8 minute maxes, allowing 1 discard. Flying was very competitive, with some excellent maxes and some epic sink! Club Chairman even managed some aerobatics on landing!! Flipping the model, but it still landed flat! We had a few issues with line breaks, but this didn’t hold things up for too long. After 4 rounds, the scores were as follows:

Keith and Andrew went on to the 2 round fly off, Andrew electing to go off the club winch first and failed to find much in the way of lift, while Keith launched high and almost maxed out, giving him a substantial lead going in to Rd 2. In Rd 2, Andrew reversed the result, but not by quite enough. A hard fought fly off with Keith taking the Area Thermal Trophy by 56 points in 2000!

Fly Off Scores