Open Thermal & 2M Electric 5/8/18

With Club Chairman, Bill Scott,  a bit under the weather and unable to compete, only 4 flyers took part in Open thermal. The air was challenging and you either found lift or you didn’t. Paul Freeman is still learning how his new model (Wind Dancer) flies and had food and bad flights. Keith was doing well with his Xplorer and Tommy was flying his Eliminator 100. Andrew decided to go old school and flew his Osprey rather than his Tragi Cluster. CD Paul Freeman decided on 4 eight minute rounds, allowing one discard.

The results were as follows: (discard in yellow)

A win for Keith & the Xplorer

Bill had intended to fly electric, but had difficulty following the models during thermal so opted out, again leaving 4 to start 2m electric. Paul had issues when he turned his model on and wisely decided it wasn’t something he could easily fix at the field, leaving 3. Between Rds 1 & 2, the wind shifted a complete 180 degrees and lift improved. Results are below:

Another win for Keith, but pushed hard by the others.