Open Thermal & Electric 24 June 2018

A scorching hot day and 4 pilots made for an eventful days flying. The sky was very flat and no visual indicators to show where the lift was. What lift there was, was difficult to find, but like an elevator when you did. As CD, Paul Freeman , Paul Freeman hoped to run 3 rounds each of thermal, 2m electric  and Open electric.

In Open Thermal, Andrew & Keith were flying modern all moulded full house models, Paul his Soprano which is a fibreglass fuselage and a built up, carbon reinforced wing, flying on rudder, elevator and spoiler. Bill was flying Mike Leonard’s old Aquila Grande, a 30 year old, built up model. In round 2 Paul was flying a long way upwind when his model went in to uncontrollable loops. Despite valiant efforts the model went in and Paul, (along with Ronnie) went off to try and find it. In rd 3 Bill got the Aquila Grande in to good lift and flew out the round to take the 1000. After 3 Rounds the scores were:

Open Thermal





It took Paul & Ronnie some time to locate his model and as a result we only flew the 2m electric with the results below:

2M Electric

Keith took hard fought wins in both events (despite sabotaging Paul in Electric)